How To Wear Jeans In Pregnancy?

How To Wear Jeans In Pregnancy
Creative ways to turn your regular clothes into maternity fashion You’ll need maternity clothes – likely as you get into the second trimester – but until then, you can do a lot with what’s already in your closet. Two popular maternity fashion hacks involve using an old T-shirt to create a pregnancy belly band, and making a maternity pants extender with an elastic hair tie.

You’re going to need at least some after your, which is between 12 and 18 weeks for most women. And while you probably won’t regret buying that cute, you don’t have to blow your entire budget on a new wardrobe. With some creative thinking and a little DIY ingenuity, there are a lot of easy ways to turn some of the items hanging in your closet into a few stylish maternity outfits. Read on for eight maternity fashion hacks that moms-to-be love. (And when it’s time to go shopping for more looks, here are seven ways to,) The is a beloved maternity fashion staple – it’s a soft, stretchy piece of fabric worn over your waist (and under your shirt) to cover and smooth out the appearance of unbuttoned or unzipped pants. A belly band is a budget-friendly way to hold off on buying maternity pants when you’re but haven’t fully popped yet. You can buy a belly band – there are plenty of popular ones to choose from – but you can also make your own by cutting off the top of a snug and stretchy T-shirt, camisole, or tank top. Don’t relegate those too-snug pants and shorts to the back of your closet just yet. Try this reliable trick first: Thread a rubber band or elastic hair tie halfway through the buttonhole of your pants and back through its tail. Pull it to tighten, then wrap the loop around the button. Voila! You’ve just made your own pregnancy pants extender. If the hair tie feels too flimsy or you’re nervous about your makeshift loop coming undone in public, consider buying a cheap waistband expander online. They’re widely available, and usually for less than $10. The concept is the same as the DIY version, but they’re made with a sturdier material. Feeling crafty? You can DIY maternity jeans by taking a pair of denim, cutting the waistband, and sewing in a tummy panel with knit ribbing (find it at a fabric store) or an old stretchy T-shirt or tank. If sewing’s not your thing (or you’ve got more pressing items to take care of on your ), a professional tailor can easily add a panel or sew elastic into the side seams of your pants. There’s also a lot of affordable and comfortable out there – so you may end up finding it easier and more convenient to add a new pair to your cart and call it a day. Your bra size will change several times as your, and buying new lingerie can add up. One idea for early in your pregnancy: bra extenders, which add a few inches (and some welcome breathing room) to your current inventory of bras. They cost around $5 a pair, come in different color options with varying hook counts, and you can easily find them online or at your local fabric store. Eventually, your cup size will grow as well as your body starts to, At that point, it’s a good idea to invest in a great, You may find that you’re able to wear some of your pre-pregnancy maxi dresses or other looser-fitting styles throughout your entire pregnancy – score! But as your belly grows, shorter dresses will inch up and veer into potentially-too-revealing territory. There’s an easy – and budget-friendly solution: Throw on a pair of maternity leggings. Maternity leggings are just like regular leggings, except with over-the-bump panels and added support. They’re a maternity wardrobe must-have – not only because they’ll help you turn dresses into tunics – but they’re great for lounging, exercising, and generally feeling comfortable. (You’ll be thankful for that comfort come third trimester time.) There are probably more “maternity clothes” hanging in your closet or tucked away in your dresser drawers than you think. Have a mini shopping spree in your bedroom and look for looser pieces, such as peasant tops, tunics, maxis, and anything with an empire waist. Not only will those fall nicely over a burgeoning bump, they’ll help hide your news until you’re ready to make a, Wrap dresses and tops with ties are easy to adjust around and over your growing belly and help provide definition between your breasts and belly. Oversized cardigans and blazers layer nicely over stretchy shirts and tank tops. If you’re looking for cheap maternity clothes, you can visit secondhand stores, check out local parent groups on social media, and ask your mom friends if they’ve got anything you can borrow or have. You might also have some luck peeking in your partner’s closet, especially if their clothing is a bigger size than yours. Take an oversized button-down shirt, for example: Roll up the sleeves and wear it open with a maternity tank top underneath; or button it up, belt it just below the bust to add definition, and add a pair of maternity leggings for a cute menswear-inspired outfit. Stylish maternity lingerie can definitely be worth a splurge, but you may also find that your partner’s pajamas – think oversized T-shirts, sweatpants, boxer shorts – are perfect too. This maternity clothes hack is seriously as simple as it sounds: Take your elastic-waist and jersey knit maxi skirts and turn them into empire-waist ones by pulling them up. As your belly grows, a maxi skirt may start to look weird resting under your bump or directly on top of it, but when pulled up higher and paired with a tucked-in maternity T-shirt, tank top, or bodysuit, it’s a totally new (and cute!) outfit. Throw on a sweater and a pair of comfortable boots or sneakers and you’ve got a perfect holiday look. See some of the,

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: Creative ways to turn your regular clothes into maternity fashion
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Are jeans OK to wear during pregnancy?

Is wearing jeans safe during pregnancy? – It’s completely safe to wear jeans during pregnancy. No studies and no scientific evidence indicate that tight pants like jeans might cause issues to the baby. You can still wear regular jeans during early pregnancy if you don’t feel any discomfort. The chance of tight jeans cutting off circulation to the baby is none.

  1. There is no danger for women that want to continue wearing jeans as usual while pregnant.
  2. Jeans can be a little restricting in the later stages of pregnancy when the bump is growing.
  3. So don’t hesitate to replace them with other options that could feel more comfortable and invest in maternity clothing.

Check out our selection of the best affordable and sustainable maternity brands that every woman needs to know to look fashionable and feel comfortable during pregnancy on a budget.
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Can wearing tight jeans while pregnant hurt the baby?

Bad Advice: Don’t Wear Fitted Clothing – “I’ve heard that you shouldn’t wear clothes that are too tight because it will squish the baby.” — Hannah E. The truth: They might feel uncomfortable, but no, tight clothes won’t hurt baby, Prabhu says. So go ahead and show off your baby bump in maternity jeans or a fitted dress, though of course there are plenty of other options when it comes to maternity clothes these days.
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Can I wear jeans at 4 months pregnant?

I’m sure we can all agree jeans are the classic go-to look. Frazzled and need to run out grocery shopping? Jeans and a t-shirt. Planning a romantic movie night with your partner? Jeans and a nice blouse (maybe a pair of wedges). Still in school and running to class? Jeans and a sweatshirt.

  • Jeans are a basic staple of life.
  • Or at least they have been until now.
  • Wearing jeans while pregnant can be frustrating.
  • The fly is never zipped enough, the waistband never sits flat enough, the size is never comfortable because of your new pregnant body shape.
  • The crotch area is too tight and too uncomfortable because the rest of your pants don’t fit.

Here are some tips on being that classy jean-wearing-Mom-to-be without the nervousness and hassle!

Invest in maternity jeans!!!

This is the Holy Grail of jean advice. Many women feel as if they can wear their old jeans and just keep the open-top closed with a rubber band or elastic. I’ve heard of all kinds of ingenious inventions future-moms use to save money instead of buying maternity jeans.

Don’t do this! Although there are some women who swear by the Bellyband (a product which allows you to unbutton the top of your jeans and still have it lay flat) it is not advisable. When you are pregnant, your body shape changes and it’s not only your belly getting larger. Your legs have to compensate for the additional weight and, most of the times, there is a significant amount of calf swelling especially in the third trimester.

You will want to invest in jeans that have enough room for your legs to feel comfortable. Maternity jeans have stretchy tops so the jeans grow with your bump and are usually made of more breathable fabric enabling your legs to feel less constricted.

Avoid tight jeans.

During the second and third trimester, the baby bump becomes very prominent. And this is the time when most women prefer wearing tight jeans to hide the baby bump. Don’t do this! If you still want to wear one, you can opt for large sizes as the baby bump will increase with time.

  1. Although tight jeans won’t necessarily harm your baby they are very uncomfortable and can cause skin irritation on your bump.
  2. Stomach aches and other pain in the area can also happen as a result of too tight pants.
  3. A recent study by the British Chiropractic Association found a strong link between various clothing items and common ailments, particularly for women.

By restricting free movement in the hips and knees, every-day clothing (if too-tight) can impact how a person holds themselves upright, and ultimately reduces support. The BCA found “skinny jeans” to be the number-one fashion item causing back pain, and stated that only 28% of people were aware that their wardrobe choices were having an impact on their physical health.

In general, say no to tight clothes. Not just jeans, it is wise to avoid wearing anything too tight as it might hinder blood circulation, which is essential for the mother and baby. Wearing tight belts around your stomach can be very harmful to both mom and baby. Reduced blood flow over an extended period of time can ultimately lead to muscle degeneration and nerve damage, neither of which sound like much fun.

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Additionally, as pregnancy can also increase the prominence of perhaps previously subtle or unnoticeable varicose veins, combining this with wearing your pre-maternity jeans is a recipe for disaster. Although external pressures are not able to directly manipulate purple, bulging veins or make them grow or multiply, over time these pressures can weaken the vein wall, which makes it easier for the veins to become visible externally Wearing tight jeans that hide your bump might make you feel good at the moment, but the increased pressure over time can deform and swell veins.

Follow basic hygiene.

There is a high chance of yeast infection during pregnancy if you fail to follow basic hygiene and sanitation. And, if the jeans are too tight, it can cause an increased vaginal secretion which put you at risk of yeast infection, which might be harmful to the mother and baby. Before purchasing your jeans, try them on and make sure the crotch is comfortable standing as well as sitting. Shoshi is a graduate from Stern College for Women in New York City. Her areas of interest include policy, non-profit organizations, and administration. During winter 2018, she was a White House intern. Shoshi has also interned at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and at Save the Children in New York.
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When should I stop wearing jeans during pregnancy?

Here’s what our expert Dr Meenakshi Ahuja has to say about wearing jeans during pregnancy. – I am a 27-year-old woman in the third month of pregnancy. I usually prefer wearing jeans over Indian wear. But recently, my aunt told me that wearing jeans during pregnancy constricts the abdomen, which might cause complications.

Is it true? If not jeans, then what should I wear? Please help. Dr Meenakshi Ahuja, Senior Consultant- Obstetrics and Gynecology, Apollo Cradle, Delhi has answered the query. There is no study which specifies that wearing jeans during pregnancy is harmful to a mother or baby. But there are certain restrictions every pregnant woman should follow when it comes to choosing the right maternity wear.

Women are unaware of the fact that the uterus can withstand a lot of pressure and prevent the baby from getting hurt. Moreover, it holds ample amniotic fluid that protects the foetus from an external force. Hence, wearing jeans does not put too much pressure on the uterus, but it is necessary to keep a few things in mind when choosing jeans during the second and third trimesters.

  • Here are some of the them – Invest in maternity jeans: Unlike the standard jeans, there are maternity jeans available which have a stretchable fabric along the waist to reduce the pressure on the abdomen.
  • Hence, investing in these jeans won’t be a bad idea if you prefer wearing jeans during pregnancy.

Here are trendy maternity wear for the new age mum-to-be, Avoid tight jeans: During the second and third trimester, the baby bump becomes very prominent. And this is the time when most women prefer wearing tight jeans to hide the baby bump, which is not advisable.

If you still want to wear one, you can opt for large sizes as the baby bump will increase with time. Also read second trimester the most comprehensive guide of dos and don ts you ll ever need! Say no to tight clothes: Not just jeans, it is wise to avoid wearing anything too tight as it might hinder blood circulation, which is essential for the mother and baby.

Wearing tight belts can also affect blood circulation. Here are eight other common mistakes every pregnant woman makes! Follow basic hygiene: There are high chances of suffering from yeast infection during pregnancy if you fail to follow basic hygiene and sanitation.
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How should I dress when I look pregnant?

Dressing the Bump: Tips and Tricks Whoo-hoo! You got a pink line, shared the baby news with friends and family, and are making it through the early pregnancy fatigue and nausea. Now a cute little baby bump is starting to pop out, and while it’s so exciting to see the baby growing, that precious bulge makes getting dressed a little difficult.

While you might want to invest in some maternity basics, you don’t want to break the bank for a ton of new clothes you’ll need for only a few months. I’ve been pregnant twice and in different seasons. I found that with some creativity, I could mix in my current wardrobe items to use while pregnant, so I didn’t have to spend a lot on maternity clothes.

Read on for some tips and tricks to help you use items you may already have in your closet when you’re dressing the bump! Leggings : You can often wear your favorite leggings throughout most of your pregnancy! Leggings are by far my most worn non-maternity piece while pregnant.

An oversized t-shirt, tunic or a flowy peplum top looks so cute styled with leggings in the early days. Later on, you may need to size up from your usual size or purchase maternity ones, but they are so easy to wear throughout the whole pregnancy and still feel and look great! Stretchy dresses : Don’t be afraid to show off your baby bump in a form fitting dress! If the fabric is stretchy, it will grow with your bump and accentuate your new form.

If the top of your dress isn’t fitting so great because of a growing chest, or if you simply want more coverage, throw a shirt on top and knot it above your bump. Or pair it with a denim jacket or a cardigan you already have. Maxi dresses : Flowy maxi dresses are also great for pregnancy! I had my son in July, and I wore maxi dresses all the time in the months leading up to his birth.

  1. As a matter of fact, I wore them right up until the day I had him because they were so flowy.
  2. If you don’t have many now, you can buy some knowing you will wear them postpartum and beyond.
  3. Oversized blazers and cardigans : This tip really helped me when dressing my bump for work days.
  4. I found I could put on a base, like a long, tight tank top or a flowy top I already had, and a blazer would give me the professional look I needed.
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A duster or other cardigan also works to provide more coverage over the bump. The goal isn’t to hide the bump (pretty much impossible after a while!), but to give a slimming effect and look more pulled together. Jeans : Okay, I can’t promise you’ll be able to wear your jeans all through your pregnancy, but there are ways you can extend the time you can wear them! Wear your jeans unbuttoned and use a hair tie to loop through the button hole and around the button.

  • You just need to wear a top long enough to cover the button.
  • When that doesn’t work, buy a belly band that you can put over your jeans and still leave them unbuttoned as you grow.
  • I loved wearing my regular jeans as long as possible because I found actual maternity jeans were usually too large for some time.

Button-up tops : These are so versatile throughout pregnancy and come with a bonus: wear now and later for a nursing-friendly top! There are so many ways to style a button-up top! Wear a stretchy, form fitting dress and tie your button-up shirt around your waist, just below your belly.

Or, wear it open over your dress or leggings. You can also wear it buttoned, but knot it just above your belly for another cute, bump accentuating look! You may already have some of these tops in your closet, but if you don’t and want to buy some, know they will be something you can comfortably wear later too.

Elastic waistbands : Do you have skirts or pants in your closet with elastic waistbands? These are also easy to wear when pregnant! I had a floral, pleated midi skirt I loved that I could still wear. I tucked a top under it and pulled the skirt up over my bump—such a cute look! Jogger pants you already own are also a great option that are easy to wear and so comfortable, both during and after pregnancy.
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Can tight pants affect pregnancy?

1. Excessively Tight Clothes – Besides specially designed light/maternity compression leggings, super tight clothes are generally a no-no when it comes to maternity activewear. So if you are asking – ‘is it safe to wear spanx in pregnancy?’ – the answer, in short, is NO.
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Can I wear regular leggings during pregnancy?

Is Leggings Good During Pregnancy? – Leggings are perfectly safe to wear during pregnancy. They are easy to pull on and off and are extremely comfortable. If you have varicose veins to be wary of the type of leggings you choose, opt for pregnancy leggings designed for your body. The wrong types of leggings may irritate your varicose veins.
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Can you wear jeans in first trimester?

Your belly may be starting to grow, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear jeans during your early pregnancy. If you find the right maternity denim, you can wear jeans throughout the whole nine months without compromising on your comfort or style.
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Can you wear jeans 6 weeks pregnant?

When Should I Stop Wearing Tight Jeans During Pregnancy? – During the initial weeks of pregnancy, you can wear the jeans you used to wear. During the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, the womb will be inside the pelvis. The answer to the above question lies in observing and listening to your body.

  1. As long as you are comfortable, you don’t have to change your clothing style.
  2. But stop wearing tight jeans as soon as you feel slight discomfort.
  3. However, as you enter the second and third trimester, the baby bump becomes very prominent.
  4. During this time, it is wise to avoid wearing anything too tight.

Not only tight pant, but any tight cloth can also hinder blood circulation. Wearing tight belts can also affect blood circulation.
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