What Men Need To Understand About Pregnancy?

What Men Need To Understand About Pregnancy
1. Handle with care? – Although pregnancy is certainly a physically challenging experience, pregnant women aren’t fragile. Moms-to-be don’t need to be handled with kid gloves and they definitely don’t need their partner restricting their activities. “Women should be encouraged to stay active throughout pregnancy. Physical activity does not increase the risk of miscarriage, small birth weight, or preterm birth. Continuing to care for small children is safe. Additionally, most employment is acceptable in all trimesters,” says Michael Haydon, MD, medical director of obstetrics, perinatology, and maternal–fetal medicine at MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center in Laguna Hills, California.
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What husband should know during pregnancy?

10 Things Husband COULD DO for his pregnant wife –

Fix her a nutritious snack! Get her fresh fruits and veggies.Accompany her during walks. Maintain the calendar of her prenatal visits. Help with household chores.Read books on pregnancy.Watch babies videos together.Talk to her reassuringly, without judging.Try to keep her away from family drama.Talk to the baby, too!

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How does a man react to pregnancy?

How Unmarried Men Respond to Their Girlfriends’ Unexpected Pregnancies James, then 20, was shopping with his girlfriend at Walmart when he teasingly suggested that she should get a pregnancy test. They had been together for a few months, and were just about to move in together.

  1. I’ll buy it for one day,” James told his girlfriend, “you never know.” When his girlfriend got home, she took the test: positive.
  2. At first I kinda laughed, because I was like, ‘Whoa!'”, remembers James.
  3. And she laughed, too.
  4. She thought it was funny, you know, because she didn’t think nothing ’bout it.

She took another one and it was positive—took two. And I was like, ‘Whoa!’ She’s crying. I’m like, ‘Oh, shit,’ you know? It was like, ‘Oh, man. That’s not cool.’ She didn’t want a kid.” James wasn’t intending to have a child yet, either. But he didn’t use condoms—”I don’t want something that’s gonna have to block that “—and his girlfriend didn’t use birth control.

They talked about getting her on birth control a few times, and they had even agreed that she should get on it. But they were hesitant, he says, because they didn’t want to approach her mom about it. “We wanted to get on birth control but at the same time didn’t want to tell her mom,” he says. “Because her mom would be like ‘Oh, so you guys are just havin’ sex all the time?'” When his girlfriend did get pregnant, abortion wasn’t an option in his mind.

“If she would’ve got an abortion, I would’ve left her,” he says, adding that he would be okay with adoption, but not abortion. “Why take his life? Not for me.” He says his girlfriend has the same views as him, which he describes this way: “We’re both having sex, we know what the consequences are.” It was never a question for James: it was time for him to be a dad.

  • So in one week, he joined a small Pentecostal church, got baptized, and found a new job as a salesperson at a furniture store.
  • When I interviewed James almost two years after their son’s birth, James and his girlfriend had separated, but he remained intensely involved in his son’s life, driving thirty minutes to see him every day.

Most working-class men greeted the news of an unplanned pregnancy with a mixture of fright and excitement. James’s experience is typical of the unmarried young fathers I interviewed. Most times, men greeted the news of an unmarried pregnancy with a mixture of fright and excitement.

  • Except in a few instances, men described the pregnancies as unplanned.
  • They wanted to have kids someday, and becoming a father was something that many of them looked forward to.
  • But they didn’t foresee it happening yet.
  • What struck me, though, is how devoted these fathers became to their children.
  • For some of the men, being a good father meant getting married.

For instance, here’s how Myron, then 20, describes finding out about his fiancée’s pregnancy. “I got a text message, a picture of a pregnancy test, one that says pregnant or not pregnant saying pregnant. I had a couple of my buddies over. We were cooking out.

I looked at the phone and I just sat down. They said I went pale white. I sat down in the chair and they’re like, ‘What?’ I showed my buddy Donny. He looked at it and he goes, ‘Oh, man.’ He’s like, ‘What are you gonna do?’ I was like, ‘Well, I’m gonna marry her, and it’s my kid. That’s awesome. That’s my kid.’ I just got excited.” Myron did marry her, but by the time of their baby’s birth, he suspected that she was cheating on him, and they had separated.

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Myron was in the hospital room for her birth, even as his estranged wife said that she hoped that he was not the father. When she refused to let him spend time with his new baby, Myron took her to court, and won visitation rights. A paternity test would definitively reveal that Myron was the father, but in the interim Myron’s own father discouraged him from getting too involved until he knew the results—”You don’t want to be paying for a kid that’s not yours,” he told him.

  • Myron disagreed.
  • He wasn’t even going to take a paternity test until his dad talked him into it.
  • I see it as this is my kid,” he said.
  • I was there when she was born.
  • Even if she’s not my kid, she’s my kid.
  • If I had found out she wasn’t, oh, that would’ve tore me up big time.” Other men viewed marriage after pregnancy as a bad idea (as Myron himself would later believe); perhaps they intuited or knew from friends’ experiences that such marriages,

Instead of marrying the mother, they expressed their devotion through being there for their child. This is what James did. Just as working-class women as central to their purpose in life, many men described becoming a father as an intensely meaning-making act.

  • As Toby, 21, said of his son, “I’ve always wanted something that was mine, something I made.
  • And I got that.” (His fiancée also cheated on him.) Ricky, 27, said, “It seemed like it brought more of a point, I mean, more of a reason to my life, you know, to take care of a kid.” Elliot describes how his girlfriend’s miscarriage of their child devastated him.

“It really hurt. I mean I was scared, but I was looking forward to, It was something I really wanted. It took a long time to really get over it, and it took a long time to talk about it. It was just not one of those things I liked to talk about. People would ask me about it and it was just, ‘Don’t go there.’ Took me a while to get over it.” He was only 18 at the time; his girlfriend was 16.

  • Many men described becoming a father as an intensely meaning-making act.
  • A few men, however, responded to a partner’s pregnancy with anger and distrust.
  • She tricked me,” is how one father angrily put it.
  • He accused his girlfriend of lying to him, saying that she told him that she was unable to have children because of a medical problem.

When she got pregnant, he accused her of making it up so that she could lure him into staying with her. (Despite his initial anger, he would go on to become a very involved father, describing his daughter as “number one in my life.”) One young man described an ex-girlfriend who said she was pregnant, and had a doctor verify that she was, but to this day he remains skeptical.

  • I don’t know if she was really pregnant or not, because she wasn’t showing at the time,” he said.
  • So, I don’t know if it was true or not.
  • My mom and I talked about it.
  • She said maybe she wasn’t.
  • Maybe she’s just saying that to trap you.” When his girlfriend, three months pregnant, went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain, the doctor told her that she had miscarried, and performed a procedure to remove the tissue from her uterus.

But he remained suspicious. “I didn’t ask her anything about the doctor’s office,” he said. “I didn’t ask her anything about her appointment, or nothing. I didn’t wanna know. Didn’t wanna know that. She coulda been bullshittin’ me.” The distrust and suspicion—and at least in one instance, disbelief, even after a doctor’s verification—that a few men voiced are deeply troubling.

  • In this view of things, an unplanned pregnancy represents not the fulfillment of a couple’s love, not the chance for a new beginning, nor even a mere accident, but the revelation that a woman can’t be trusted.
  • As one young man said, describing his reaction to the times two separate high school girlfriends informed him of a pregnancy, “I wasn’t necessarily going to do that but now you’re lying, I can’t trust you.

I ain’t messing you around if this is how it’s gonna be.” Assuming that a woman who says she’s pregnant is lying to manipulate her boyfriend suggests a hardening of attitudes towards women and children. But men like this one were in the minority. By and large, the white, unmarried working-class men that I interviewed retained a profound reverence about pregnancy and fatherhood.

Even if they were not planning on having children yet, they responded to their girlfriends’ pregnancies with deep love and determination to turn their lives around. As one young father put it, “I wanted to quit partying and doing all the things that I did before. I just basically wanted to grow up. I felt like it was my time to grow up and to be a man and to do what was right.” And as Elliot said, “It’s just after you create something, you’re looking forward to having a kid.

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I was scared to death, but there was joy in it. It’s my little boy.” For about the state of working-class men, here is something to admire and salute. Here there is heroism. : How Unmarried Men Respond to Their Girlfriends’ Unexpected Pregnancies
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How a man can support his pregnant partner?

The second trimester – As the pregnancy progresses, the morning sickness should ease and the pregnancy will become more obvious. The second trimester is the time to start thinking seriously about finances, your relationship, wills and life insurance. Communicating openly and honestly with your partner will help create the positive relationship you will need as parents.
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Is pregnancy hard on the father?

It’s nothing compared to what her body goes through—but men experience hormonal changes when their partners are pregnant, finds a new University of Michigan study. Researchers tested the hormone levels of first-time fathers-to-be and found that their testosterone dropped as the baby grew.

Don’t panic—we’re not talking clinically low T levels, says study author Robin Edelstein, Ph.D. But the changes could be just enough to subtly influence your personality, like making you more nurturing and devoted to your wife and future child. In fact, researchers say that may be why your testosterone falls—to prepare you to take better care of your family when the kiddo arrives.

(And then you’re in for a lot more than a little hormone shift. Find out why Having Children Is a Great Idea That Will Also Ruin Your Life,) But how? Edelstein says it may be a result of the psychological changes you go through when your partner is carrying your kid.

  • For example, you might begin to imagine yourself as a dad and start viewing her more as a parent than a sexual being.
  • Another possibility: “There’s some evidence that some men gain weight along with their pregnant partners, which could definitely influence their hormone levels,” Edelstein says.
  • Scientists aren’t sure whether your testosterone will bounce back to pre-baby levels—and in fact, other research suggests it may continue to dip after Junior is born—but it’s nothing to worry about.

“Slightly lower levels of testosterone have been associated with higher relationship satisfaction and more sensitive parenting,” Edelstein says. “So think about these changes as important adaptations to becoming a parent.” (If you are worried about low T, should you take a supplement? Read The Truth about Testosterone-Boosting Supplements,)
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How can I make my husband happy during pregnancy?

Nurturing Your Relationship During Pregnancy > “We’re not even parents yet, but all my partner and I talk about is the baby. This pregnancy has taken over our lives, and I’m afraid it’ll hurt our relationship. How do we keep the romance alive and strengthen our relationship during pregnancy?” Quick: What’s the single most significant relationship you’ll have in your new life as a parent? Surprise: It’s not the one you’ll share with that beautiful baby you’ll be bringing home. It’s the one you share — and will continue to share — with your partner, a fact baby-crazed pregnancy couples can be quick to forget. After all, fetuses grow into babies, who grow up into older children, who grow up and move out of the house (and it happens a lot faster than you can even imaginetrust me!). But a partner is with you into old age, with a little luck and a lot of hard work. So it’s extra important (and challenging) to keep the love alive and maintain a strong relationship during pregnancy. That said, there are sure to be some changes in the dynamics of your twosome once baby makes three. These shifts and potential strains on a couple’s relationship during a pregnancy are inevitable — because in spite of how little they are, babies tend to make a big impact on their parents’ lives! But if you play your cards right from the start, they can actually be changes for the better. The first thing you guys will need to do is to start thinking of yourselves as a couple again — instead of just a couple of parents-to-be. Of course, you’ll want to focus plenty of attention on your pregnancy and on your baby — and you should, as long as you remember to keep your relationship front-and-center rather than on the back burner. Your baby doesn’t have to come between you (though your growing belly definitely will!). Wondering just how to nurture your relationship? You probably have some pretty good romantic tricks you can pull out of storage, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Schedule in romance. Now’s a good time to start a weekly date night — something you’d be smart to continue after baby’s on board (though in the first few months, you may be having those dates at home.). G ood, easy date night ideas: Be spontaneous. As often as you can, for absolutely no reason at all, surprise your partner with an affectionate touch or kiss, a flirty compliment, or an impromptu jump into bed. Feel free to get frisky and adventurous. Just make sure you and fun. Mix baby business with relationship pleasure. Cap a trip to the baby store with dinner and a movie (and don’t forget to hold hands in the dark) or follow that ultrasound appointment with lunch at your favorite al fresco spot. Chat them up. As often as you can, put your relationship first. Don’t just email them 20 times a day to ask them if they’ve remembered to pick up the dry cleaning or those paint samples for the nursery, write to them sometimes just to tell them you love them and can’t wait to see them. Remember the other four-letter word: Talk. Communication is always important in a relationship, but it’s especially essential for couples during pregnancy, since things between them can change pretty quickly. Be sure to talk through changes instead of just letting them happen. And keep the lines of communication open even once baby’s on the scene, when talking uninterrupted will be more challenging but but also more crucial than ever. Get away while you still can. Plan a romantic getaway before baby makes a trip for two a lot trickier, and if you plan to just get the okay from your doctor before you hit the open skies.

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Wishing you a lifetime of loving!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 5th edition, Heidi Murkoff.

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Does pregnancy affect husband?

Symptoms of Couvade Syndrome – Physical signs and symptoms of sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome in men) can include the following:

Nausea and/or vomiting Intestinal problems such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation Heartburn Changes in appetite Weight gain or loss Toothaches Backaches Skin problems Leg cramps Fainting Weakness Urinary or genital irritations.

Psychological signs and symptoms of sympathetic pregnancy (couvade syndrome in men) can include the following:

Change in sleeping patterns Anxiety Depression Reduced libido Restlessness.

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Do men love pregnancy?

Although you might not always feel sexy during pregnancy, a new study suggests some men may actually be more attracted to pregnant women. Updated: December 1, 2022 Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it can also leave many expectant mothers feeling vulnerable and self-conscious about their changing body, and for some men, pregnant women are a turn-on.

  • More: Sexuality and Breastfeeding A new study put together by a team of Italian and Swedish doctors turned to online fetish groups to present a questionnaire about sexual preferences for sexual and lactating women, and the results might surprise you.
  • The researchers behind the study set out to discover what the link was between those who are attracted to pregnant women, and their upbringing, and it turns out that the link has a result to whether or not they are the older sibling,

The results conclusively showed that the more men were exposed to their mother being pregnant and/or breastfeeding between the ages of one-and-a-half and five years old, the more likely to develop a sexual attraction to pregnant and/or breastfeeding women they are.

More importantly, this is largely developed in older siblings, with 66 percent of the 2000+ respondents having at least one younger sibling who have been exposed to maternal pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. These results further back the idea of ‘sexual imprinting,’ a natural process where your future partner preferences are determined from a young age, in most cases based off of a parent.

Generally, this pregnant/lactating attraction is not discovered until the age of 18, but is imprinted from a much younger age. It was also addressed that there was some overlap with Sigmund Freud’s “oedipal phase” concept, the stage of psychosexual development of children between the ages of three to six, although the development mechanism more aligns with sexual imprinting according to these survey results.

  • So what does this mean to women and their partners? You just might be able to predict how they’ll feel about you when you’re pregnant (especially if they happen to be the older sibling).
  • Baby on the way? Follow us on Pinterest for advice, tips, and parenting wisdom: About the author Jacqueline Weiss Jacqueline Weiss is a blogger, freelance writer and social media consultant based in Los Angeles.

A graduate of Emerson college, she is passionate about wellness, fitness, and beauty.
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Why do men love pregnant?

4. Hormonal changes – Pregnant women ooze a lot of hormones. While it is not intentional, it makes men attracted to her because of the hormonal releases which in turn changes her body. Men tend to be attracted to pregnant women because she now has a body that oozes fertility and has a curvaceous appearance. In a survey, most men admitted to being attracted to their pregnant wives.
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